Mark Sephton
Freelance advertising creative

Big ones, small ones, funny-shaped ones – I’m all about ideas.
Whatever the format, whatever the media, they just have to do three things: Surprise, engage and sell. Over the last 20 years I’ve been hired for my ideas by agencies in London, Birmingham, San Francisco and the south coast of the UK, working on brands such as Volkswagen, Red Bull, Malibu, O2 and WWF.

I work across all media from TV to print with a particular specialism in social media campaigns. My background as an art director means that as well as providing concepts, I can polish ideas up and make them look damn fine for presentation and then execute them if required. The ideas I’ve polished up particularly well over the last few years have gone on to win awards for both creativity and effectiveness.

I’m totally passionate and massively enthusiastic about advertising, design and creativity in general. ‘Media anything, idea everything’ as Iris Worldwide say with a bit of McCann Erickson’s ‘The truth told well’ thrown in for good measure.
Why not get in touch – I'd love to discuss a project with you.